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Slow progress is better than standing still

Wow, what a crazy few months.

Life just got simple.

Just by accident I wound up throwing the football in the yard with my kids. They loved it. They ate up every minute, every time I told them what  a great catch or great throw. No one was asking for their iPads, tablets, Disney Channel or cell phones.

Who knew? They just wanted to hang out with their dad.

I’ve been running so hard for so long, even in sobriety. Maybe even more in sobriety. I stopped just long enough for my girls to catch up with me.

Lots of missed days of throwing football in the last ten years. Why? Hurt and pain too hard to face. Who wants to admit it is there? That what you wanted most in the world was replaced by what you wanted least.

It turns out that my parents were wrong. I am not fat, I am not stupid, I am not a loser and no dad I don’t need you to give me something to cry about. You already have.