And I got one of these ……..

Ahhh, that’s better.


So I have had about four days off since February. I’ve been away from home for over a month and I’m burned out.

I’ve added an ACoA meeting to my schedule of AA meetings. It is helping.


The bike! Yeah, how can I be a heavy metal guy without a bike? Craigslist is flooded with bikes right now and I had all that overtime burning a hole in my pocket. I love my bike. A 2005 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic with 2600 miles on it. It was a one owner bike who hardly ever rode it and kept it in a garage. My motorcycle license test is next week.

I should have bought one of these ten years ago.

  1. Hey, man. It’s Kristin H., from Jilli Java & The Garden of Eden. I shut down my old blog.

    Congratulations on the new bike. And you absolutely have to have one. You will now reek of coolness.

  2. “I should have got one of these ten years ago”. I know the feeling!

    I was a late entrant into the enlightenment of motorcycles. Got my unrestricted licence just a month before turning forty. I just love riding. I’m on a GS500 ATM but have big plans. Minus five degree Celsius this morning, still I commute forty km to work each way. When the helmet drops the bullshit stops.

    Goes hand in hand with being sober I reckon cause you need your mind on the job 100%. Can’t fathom guys that ride to a pub, drink, and ride on.

    Take it easy, Paul.

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