Why I blog

I started this blog so that I could track my emotional status as time goes by. I’ve been fortunate to have found some excellent people along the way who have come to my blog and have been very supportive.

I cycle. I know I have some type of depression and was diagnosed over 20 years ago. I’ve been able to put aside many of the unhealthy ways of self medicating but have not continued to use the healthy ones. Its like I forget that I am dealing with depression.

Severe consequences emotionally for not taking care of myself. If you ever been depressed and come out of an episode you know what I mean.  When you find yourself in great pain and there are no solutions that look good, healthy or otherwise it is a dismal place to be.

So I blog to remind myself to take care of myself because alcoholism isn’t the only thing I dealing with.

  1. I’m always relieved to see your posts pop up on my blogroll. I worry about you.

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