Mr Perfect

So here is the corollary to my “I’m not better than/less than you theory” epiphany:

If I continue to live my life in that better than/less than mindset I will never be as good as the next person which means I have to keep trying to become perfect. This is how I have lived my life. It is probably why I am so successful at work and anything else I do but why I am so miserable inside. I can’t enjoy my successes because there is always someone who is better.

I now feel like one of those stupid fucking motivational posters: You are ok just because you are you! But it is true. I am feeling more relaxed around people at meetings, work and even at home. I’ve been as demanding on others as I have on myself.

  1. I see perfectionism as a character defect. Perfectionists are always focusing on what is wrong!

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