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Is ten too young to start therapy? My daughter has actually requested to see someone because she is sad. She carries her stress in her stomach and spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom. I am looking for a therapist for her now.




I did not realize the impact stress is having on me. It is driving my paranoia.

– money: living paycheck to paycheck for the last 20 years is killing me

– to thine own self be true: avoiding two areas of my life that provide much fulfillment, friends and music, is making me miserable

– smarts: this battle with myself to measure up, to be as smart as them in order to belong

That is why I need to take care of these issues. I’m done with being crazy. Stop the (crazy) bus I want to get off.

Movies for Dudes – or movies that my wife hates

1. Red Dawn – probably the best movie ever made. Period. The only thing missing from this movie is chewing tobacco.

2. Any Rocky after Rocky II. The guy can’t lose.

3. Sin City – this needs no explanation, if you are a dude.

4. Hot Tub Time Machine – destined to be a classic, especially if you are from the 80s

5. Next of Kin – you do not mess with someones little brother especially when their older brother is Liam Neeson as a hillbilly.

6. Red Dawn – yep, its that good. It needs to be listed twice. Of course I am referring to the upcoming (possible) release of Red Dawn 2011(2012).

7. Three Amigos – duuuuuude, c’mon?! Three Amigos kills. Nuff said.

8. Fried Green TomatosĀ – ahhh, just messing with you, RED DAWN!

9. Any movie that Sarah Palin would star in. Preferably if she played herself.

10. Unforgiven – but not for the first time, dudes could watch that one daily.

Mr Perfect

So here is the corollary to my “I’m not better than/less than you theory” epiphany:

If I continue to live my life in that better than/less than mindset I will never be as good as the next person which means I have to keep trying to become perfect. This is how I have lived my life. It is probably why I am so successful at work and anything else I do but why I am so miserable inside. I can’t enjoy my successes because there is always someone who is better.

I now feel like one of those stupid fucking motivational posters: You are ok just because you are you! But it is true. I am feeling more relaxed around people at meetings, work and even at home. I’ve been as demanding on others as I have on myself.

Who I am

How do I see the world?

Apparently I see myself as either better than you or less than you. Criteria for judgement would include affluence, intelligence, attractiveness, popularity, etc. I find reasons to exclude myself from any group I rightfully belong.

I am not better than the guy who picks up my trash and I’m not less than my doctor, but I think that is how I have been living my life. It has kept me isolated for a very long time.

When I first got sober I had lots of friends in AA. The first ten years were really good for me. I had good relationships.

It has been a couple of months now of going to meetings twice a week and my emotional despair and roller coaster has been leveling off.

I am not less of a person than you are or more of a person than you are. I am just like you, human.