Cool stuff from back then

  1. Rush 2112: back before it was cool to like Rush
  2. Pop Rocks and Zots
  3. What’s Happening: No Roger, No Rerun, No rent. Hey, Hey, Hey
  4. Fantasy Island and That’s Incredible (should have been called Stop Doing That)
  5. Dittos – sniffing dittos should have been my first clue
  6. No one had a computer. Not even the geeks. Yes this is cool.
  7. Steve Austin- c’mon, he was a man who was barely alive?!?
  8. I know this list tv show heavy but The Waltons
  9. Thinking Big Foot was real.
  10. Waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could record it and hoping the DJ would not talk over the intro.

    1. Definitely yes to #10. I felt like my preteen years were consumed by waiting by my clock radio with a tape recorder. Kind of like how my off time, now, is consumed by Youtube.

      I was a Little House On The Prairie girl, myself.

    2. Oh God does this bring it all back.

      The first skateboards, big wheels and DUDE we moved from a large city to the freakin’ middle of the boonies when I was 8 with acres of woods and gravel pits that had been abandoned. BIG FOOT was so real then! We were forever venturing out into the dark convincing ourselves through every slight wind, creaking tree and strange noise that … HE’S RIGHT BEHIND US!

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