Flyfishing and sobriety

 Conejos River, Colorado

I did a lot of fly fishing before my kids were born. I fished all over the Rocky Mountains. I haven’t been on a river in about five years. Sometimes I miss it really bad. Ever have that dull ache in your heart when you realize you miss someone so much and you know you will never see them again? Yeah, kinda like that.

I really did not want to be at work today.

  1. Dude, how crazy is this post?? I was JUST reading an article in one of our local papers about a group that is offering fly fishing lessons over the next few months (starting in the classroom with technical stuff…then move to the outside.) I was thinking, “I need to do this.” Fly fishing is huge in my family but it’s something only my brothers do with my dad. Not me. I live in a great state for it and would love to take it up on my own. Sober.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you’re back, too.

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