I’m on the edge of being one of those road rage guys. The number one offender is tailgaters. They piss me off more than any other driver. What makes me realize I am the one with the problem is that my mind immediately comes up with ways to get back at them without a full confrontation. Things like drive over gravel on the side of the road and kick it up onto their car or slow down to the speed limit and come to complete stops at all red lights and stop signs.

I don’t do those things anymore but the thoughts still come to mind. Why do I get so mad over all the injustices I see in the world?

I think part of it may be fear. I think I get more mad about things when I am going through things in life I have no control over.

  1. Dude, facing my fears is changing my life….

  2. You are so funny!

    I came across your blog after linking back through the spamalootish blog ‘award’ list.

    I need to read you!

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