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A man of few words

I don’t say much.¬†

Some people I know say a lot. They also have something to say. What do I have to say? Many times at meetings I just sit back and listen. Oh sure there are plenty of things I could say however without me even raising my hand someone will offer up the line of AA wisdom that they have no doubt obtained at meetings. If I am called on I will always share something related to the topic and usually some real world example from my own life.

When you are sober this long a lot of things will happen in your life. Good and bad.

Here is what I feel in my heart that I really want to share to the new and struggling alcoholics.

Stay, please stay. Come to a meeting everyday. Pick the person sitting next to you as your sponsor if no one offers to be your sponsor. Call them everyday and if they suck pick someone else. Do whatever it takes to get to meetings until the obsession to drink is lifted.


Life without the obsession to drink is possible. I wish I could get that across every time I share. I really don’t give a flying fuck what the people with time think. What ever will get that across to the newcomer or struggling alcoholic is ok with me. Want to talk about your past, family, relationships, etc just do it. As long as you are coming to meetings is all that matters.

My anger at injustice has not subsided much. I have better self-control maybe. I really want to punch people in the fucking face every time they admonish a newcomer or struggling alcoholic in a meeting.

I know they are still sick. Still sick like me which is why I don’t punch anyone. I pray for them and for me and for the person who may never ever come back to another meeting because of what some asshole said to them in a meeting.

Come back, please come back. It gets harder to watch you sink back down into the murky waters of alcoholism. If you only knew how good it is up here.