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Puppy Saga

We are on our way to be being puppy owners. Gifts of sobriety.

So today was piggy back rides, coloring with dad and because it was so friggin cold, snugglin with dad on the couch. Even the cats stop by for a visit.

Four days off and my batteries are recharged. Hopefully recharged enough to walk the puppy everyday.


“Why don’t you choose your own conception of God?”

So says Ebby to Bill.

And with that a switch in Bill’s head (heart) is flipped and there is now hope of recovery for alcoholics in the world. Bill then humbly offers himself to God as he understood Him and never took another drink. BB pg 13.

My conception of God changed and continues to change in AA. My God loves me and wants me to “get it”. The God I understand has carried me through many difficult times in sobriety and has kept me sober through them all. The God I understand has given me an amazing life in sobriety.

The God I understand wants me to go make pancakes for my kids.   🙂