Me without sugar and caffeine


Thinking about a few dietary changes in my life. I quit drinking over twenty years ago, stopped using tobacco over three years ago and now considering not so much sugar in my diet.

 That’s what I looked like the last time I stopped eating sugar and drinking coffee. Not pretty I can assure you. If you don’t hear from me for a long time, send cookies.

  1. Nice stats! Quitting sugar aside (THAT I cannot fathom right now), I’m very interested in the fact that you’ve been sober so long yet only decided to quit smoking three years ago…

    What finally made you do it? I have nine years clean & sober, and I find myself the subject of plenty of playful teasing, i.e., “How could someone with so much time still be smoking?” Drives me nuts!

    I pass my smoking off as part of being young (I’m 25), but that just ain’t cutting the mustard anymore. Okay, enough about me (I’m so alcoholic!) — how’d you do it, dude?


      • angrysoberdude
      • December 29th, 2009

      I don’t think sobriety is about perfection. Quitting drinking is the most important thing for an alcoholic. The right time comes for quitting the other things in life that are no longer good for us when we are ready, not a day sooner.

      For me I was ready to give up tobacco at 17 years sober. If I tried to give it up at 15 years and went back out drinking what a terrible mistake that would have been.

      Keep in mind what keeps me sober may get you drunk. Let the other people tease. You know yourself and what you need to keep sober.

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