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I walked into a beginners meeting with about three weeks sober and shared. I raised my hand and said I was going out drinking tonight unless someone could talk me out of it.

The guy sitting next to me (Mike B.) had five years at the time and came up to me after the meeting and said he was my new sponsor. He told me that I was to not go out drinking that night because he was going to pick me up the next day and take me to a meeting. He continued to take me to meetings over the next several months, day after day until I was capable of getting myself to a meeting.

He saved my life.

I’m not sure if I would have stayed sober (or alive) if he had not done what he did. Twenty one years ago.

You never know the impact you may have on someones life. Say hi to a newcomer or an old timer who doesn’t come around often. It could make all the difference in the world to them (me).


Tired of being tired

So just about three weeks ago I started walking on the  treadmill again. I added in some stretches from the old karate days and whammo I started feeling great. I’m not tired after lunch and I am sleeping well at night. I have also reduced a lot of the sugar I was eating.

Simple right? You would think I would know this already. As I am sure you know, knowing something and doing it are two different things. Kinda like working the steps, huh?

Anywho, that is where I am at today. I hope y’all are having a pleasant holiday season.

Balance and Moderation

Taking the time these last few weeks to unwind from three years of non-stop life. I’m going back to the basics to get centered again. 

Its amazing how simple things can make such a big impact on how I feel day to day.

1. Getting enough sleep

2. Eating breakfast

3. Getting some kind of exercise

4. Talking to friends

5. Playing with my kids

6. Hanging out with my wife

Too much work, I have decided, is NOT good for me.

Balance and Moderation – this I learned from AA.

What the hell is that thing?!


Apparently you are supposed to take step after step for a certain amount of time on this thing. I thought I bought it five years ago just so it would be a huge pain in the ass to put in the basement and then set up again when I move. I guess I was wrong. 41 and on the tread mill.


Me without sugar and caffeine


Thinking about a few dietary changes in my life. I quit drinking over twenty years ago, stopped using tobacco over three years ago and now considering not so much sugar in my diet.

 That’s what I looked like the last time I stopped eating sugar and drinking coffee. Not pretty I can assure you. If you don’t hear from me for a long time, send cookies.



I finally did it.

I joined Costco.