Ok, so…… since I’m three years old I love guitar and music. It’s my first love. I was consumed with writing songs in my younger days. I played in bands in middle school and high school. I thought I would go to college for music (it never happened). Life goes on. I got sober, finished college (physics degree), married, kids, job, yada yada yada.

I still love music. A few years back I joined a really heavy, metal band and we played some great shows. At the ripe age of 37 I  got tired of being the oldest guy in the club and razzed about being old. So I quit the band because I felt I was too old for this stuff.

Fast forward: move to the other side of the country. I still love music. Now I am 41 and want to play music (seeing a pattern here?). Place an ad on craigslist and get a few hits. Go and jam with band #1: no band, just a drummer who has been playing for about a year and not very well. Band#2: egotistical, controlling musician (no thanks). Band #3: sure, come on over, next week, maybe next week, not this week, next week, etc. etc. etc.

I started out really excited. I finally had weekends off after working them for the last three years. Now I have some time to do music. My first attempts at starting up with some musicians has met with dismal failure. I am not even getting responses anymore. Cue the downward spiral music.

So I am disappointed. I really miss playing in a band. I miss playing shows.

  1. Cheer up, angry sober dude. We don’t all get the executive treatment (we can’t all be the red hot chili wiggles). If you’ve got a desire to play, just play, man. Others will follow. Craig’s list is a joke anyway. Hit up a record store and see if there are any musician wanted fliers. Stay positive, brother!

  2. It will happen ASD. Patience, darlin’….

    • Dave
    • November 25th, 2009

    I can so relate. Been a musician all my life, played with some really incredible bands over the years. Now that I am sober I can’t find the right situation. I feel ya on the age thing too, early 40’s and I still wanna rock! Keep the faith bro, it’ll I happen… I gotta believe that!

  3. Hey Joe, thanks for your recent visit on my blog! I love music too. I self-taught myself guitar. Never was in a ‘real’ band. I mainly just do small bible study group praise and worship songs.

    I pray in time that the right band will arrive for you and everyone will be a perfect fit and you will feel comfortable!

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

      • angrysoberdude
      • December 31st, 2009

      You are welcome. I really could relate to making a mistake at work. The great pain it caused me really gave me insight to how I thought I should be.

      Stop by again!

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