Where is the balance of keeping yourself open to caring for others and protecting yourself from the people who would attack your kindness?

I keep my anger in check only because I don’t want to be one of  “them”. They make me so mad. The road ragers, the mean co-workers, the evil parents, the old-timers in AA who bash people in meetings, the people at church who turn their nose up at you because you don’t follow all of their rules. Maybe I’m too naive and immature. Maybe this is just the way it is.

  1. What do you do for yourself to constructively let your anger out rather than turning it inward on yourself? You don’t have to answer me right here. It is just something to think about for yourself. Anger turned inward can cause depression, cancer and various other ills.

  2. thats a good question. i too have rage and anger issues. it is hard. id like to say i give them to God but that would be a crock of poo poo.. ill think about this..
    brother frankie

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