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So this is one of the cool things about working with software engineers. A guy I work with shows me this link at work and the first thing I think of is THE KIDS WILL LOVE THIS. So I get home and call the kids to the computer and ask them, what do you want the computer to say. Yep, fart and poop were both in there. So this was good for at least 45 minutes of fun with Dad.

Yeah, go ahead and try it. You know you want to.


Not at work

Life is different when I am not at work all the time. I didn’t ask for all these hours.

I took this job because I wanted to move closer to my family (yes, I know my friends warned me). Who knew that work would want to put me in charge. My whole life I’ve felt like a failure, unintelligent and untalented. Somehow this job brought out all the best in me. Even my harshest critics are now big supporters.

Back to my life.

I’ve been through a lot in sobriety. This last three years has been the hardest. My wife who has twenty years sober as well admitted to me the other day she was at one point concerned that I might go out and drink. It never occurred to me. But it was hard. Things are better now the same way things are better after having a valve replaced in your heart. Your heart feels better but having your chest split open takes a while to recover from. And so it is with my self imposed isolation.

I am the angry sober dude. I am angry at everyone and everything. But not so much anymore. I can’t stand feeling so far away from all the people I love, my wife, my children and friends I have driven away. There are a lot of people I miss.

So today was another success. I stopped in mid sentence yelling at my daughter for some minor infraction to give her a hug and swing her around the living room. I bit my tongue and put up the curtains for my wife instead of complaining about not messing with my day off. I went off to jam with a drummer having no expectations of the event, only being open to the possibilities it may bring.

I am critical, I am harsh and quick to anger and I love my family fiercely. It  is still clear to me today, that day almost thirty years ago when I decided that I needed no one. Life at home was violent and scary, I was so angry I hurt one of my friends and everyone was mad at me for it. They refused to be my friend anymore. It was then I decided I would not need anyone anymore. So here I am recovering from the choice of a ten year old boy who had his heart stomped.

It is the last hold out of my sobriety. Today I made a new friend.

BACK TO METAL and meetings

At last. It has been three long years of working lots of overtime. It has finally come to an end. They have hired another person and I can have my weekends and evenings off again. Which is great for me because of all the isms I have workaholism isn’t one of them.

This gives me time for more meetings in my week. More time and energy to socialize after meetings too.

It also gives me time for a…………BAND!!

I have a jam set up for Sunday with a local metal band. Sweet. Its been three years since I moved and left my last band.

I will keep you updated on all the debauchery, mayhem and insanity. I will also let you know how things go with the band too.

A-holes at meetings

I cannot be at all meetings to point out all the a-holes to the new comers. If you are new to AA please, please do not walk out the door when someone with “time” says something stupid. Find another person to talk to after the meeting.

If you have any length of time in the program I highly encourage you to not be a effin A-hole. Get it?

What keeps me sober may get you drunk

My sponsor used to tell me that. He is still sober after 35 years of doing this sobriety thing.

Here are a couple of things I believe about AA:

1. Being able to choose God as I understand Him has been crucial to my relationship with God. Someone pushing their god down my throat would have sent me right out the door.

2. It will keep you sober.

3. It has a single purpose.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for the sober life he has given me. Even when those days suck.