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Back from the beach

shore 25

So I’m back from the Jersey shore. I still love going to the shore. It is a different experience when your the DAD.

Anyway we had a great time. For the most part the weather held out. We did all the typical LBI stuff like collecting shells, running away from jelly fish and of course a trip to Fantasy Island. The food was good and the company was great.

Its good to be home though. The batteries are recharged and I’m ready to get back at it. So what did I miss last week?


Ice Cream – homemade



So I am thinking of other cool things to do with the family. We saw the Galileo exhibit yesterday and we had a blast. The kids even had a good time. So I thought making homemade ice cream might be pretty cool too. Wish us luck.

I am probably not going to change my blog name but lately I’ve been the Content Sober Dude or even the Happy Sober Dude. My life is still full of trials and assholes but everyday lately I’ve been very content to to live, pray and just be. For someone who has been seriously depressed and angry in my life this a true testament to what the program and a God as I understand Him can do for an alcoholic.