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I love Yodels even though they pretty much suck now.

Ok, so I have had this conversation about Yodels about a hundred times and it still gets me fired up.

Do you remember Yodels about thirty years ago? They weren’t the same as they are now. First of all they were made with real chocolate, not this mostly wax bullshit. They were also individually wrapped in foil. The cakes were soft and the filling creamy.

The whole world is going this way. Companies are under great pressure from shareholders to show compounded annual growth of 10% or more each year or else. So what happens? Yodels get fucked in the ass because some greedy fuck needs another yacht. Booooo!

I would gladly pay $10 for a box of real Yodels (about double the price) but some dickhead executive buyer at Walmart would find a way to fuck that up too. Booooo on Walmart where the policy is that we will not be undersold because we will give shit away at a loss until our competitors fold and our suppliers fuck their employees out of a reasonable wage.

I have hope though. Yesterday I had a bowl of Raisin Bran and I could swear there were three scoops in that box.

I digress.



I like weekends!


Day off


Well, actually it will be three days off in a row. I’ve worked the last 16 days in a row and its starting to wear on me. I find myself losing the self motivation to do things at work (not good). So the next three days I will spend in our kidde pool with the kids and I think a night or two of take out is in order.

Work is good, too much work is no good. I feel a day of fishing coming on.