Dream Theater

Hey, the new Dream Theater album is out. I mean the new CD is out.

They will always be albums to me. I still remember the first one I bought myself. I was 11 and taking guitar lessons at a local music store. They also sold records. This was way before Best Buy. I bought Aerosmith’s Live Bootleg. What a great album. I still have it. Its at my dad’s house. It now looks like a Lays Wavy Chip.

Anyway the new DT album has some lyrics right out of the Big Book in it. Hmmm.

So DT still tears it up after all these years. Some cools jams on the album and some just ok stuff on it.

Good day today. Rode my mower around the yard because the FUCKING RAIN stopped for like ten minutes. Man I have had enough of the rain.

We moved the kids bedtime an hour later and I let them ride their bikes out front almost all on their own. They are growing up.

I pray on the way to work in the morning. Its 45 minutes worth of praying. The favorite part of my praying is asking God to watch over Destiny and her brother. Both their parents ran out on them. Why does it make me feel so serene? I think its because I feel in my heart that my prayer is making a difference in their lives.

Today was a good day.

  1. I have to check out the new DT. I like them a lot. First albums I got were Aerosmith, too, still my favorite. I was 11 and my father got a box of ‘albums’ free at work. (Ok, he was a ‘sanitation engineer’.) I managed to get quite a few good ones from that box, first two were Aerosmith and Toys in the Attic. Since then I’ve seen them in concert more than 100 times.

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