Sorry for the goofiness lately but I’m in pain. My brother is going through a long drawn out divorce and its so fucking hard watching him go through it. I love my brother and we went through living fucking hell growing up. I take some refuge in the fact that today my life is so good but he has yet another pile of shit from people who are supposed to love you. I went fishing with him a few days ago and it was hard. He was on his cell phone to his kids and you could tell when his wife got on the phone. I feel cursed. My brother and I are capable of extreme emotions from tenderness to rage. I just feel like we got a bum start and are stuck with that RAGE. No wonder we are both metal heads. Anyway sorry for the goofy posts lately, I’m just not in a good place.

  1. Tenderness to rage? At least you feel something. The true curse is feeling nothing from the time you are like 10, then trying to re-learn how to feel as an adult…

  2. My teenage boys are close – growing up with a father who was drunk nearly non-stop until recently and I see much of the tenderness and rage and emotion you talk of here. being there for him sounds like the best you can do for today. Somehow that has to be enough.

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