Great Day

Today was take your kids to work day.

Lets see, we started the day with Dunkin Donuts, followed by watching a helicopter land, then sitting in said helicopter, smashing pennies after they have been frozen in liquid nitrogen, petting snakes, turtles and a crocodile skull, looking at the sun through a telescope, sitting at Dad’s computer. Then lunch at McDonald’s followed by a quick modest trip to ToysRUs. Top it off with some “super highs” on the swing set at home. All in all I would say it was a pretty cool day with Dad.

I am blessed. I am always reminded that this was not the way my life was headed before AA. Miracles happen in AA. Today is my proof.


  2. Dude, WHERE do you work??!! I want to go too!!! Especially the donut part.

  3. Sounds like dad has a totally cool job and loves his kids! I would say it was a pretty successful day all in all. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. My “sobriety babies” are 23 and 21. It is so worth it!

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