Wasted Time

I got sober fairly young so I don’t feel like I threw away too much of my life drinking. I see people in their 70’s  come into AA and get sober for the first time. I think of all the years they spent not really living their lives.

I’ve been sober twenty years and the time has gone by pretty quick. It is pretty strange how fast the time goes by. I’ve been meaning to get back into karate for the last twenty years and it just hasn’t happened. There are a few other things too that I’ve been meaning to do since I got sober but it is too late since those years are gone.

My oldest daughter is eight and my youngest has just turned six. I’ve been meaning to spend more time playing with them. I’ve been meaning to just spend more time with them period. If I say not right now one more time I’m going to punch myself in the face. What is so fucking important in my life that I can’t spend time with them?

Tick, tick, tick……….

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