How did I get here?

I started drinking at the age of twelve. It was always to get drunk.

It just dawned on me tonight when my five year old said, “Dad, this is great beer. I mean root beer” that my first buzz was at the age of twelve. My mom gave me two glasses of blackberry brandy because, as I was later told, that I had been a pain in the ass all day. This was her way of chilling me out.

I remember how great it felt. I remember thinking after my  parents go to sleep I could easily sneek into the liquor cabinet and get some more.

The rest of the kids in the neighborhood were out playing ball and tag. I was busy tying one on. I’ve never been one to join in with the crowd.

Slowly these days I am trying to join in and have some fun with people and not isolate so much. Its easy to do with work and kids. Bowling was a lot of fun this season and now I am starting golf. I have not been to a course yet but I have been to the driving range. Its hard to hit that little #$%@& ball.

Still I love to think of myself as unique. I am pretty sure I am the only one on the range who is a total metal head but you never know.

  1. Thats something we both have in common. I did the same thing, played the martyr always the lone wolf. These days I’m happier with myself and able to actually get along with people..surprises even me. (Hugs)Indigo

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