Happy Easter

Ok, so it is midnight and I’m back online. Technically lent was over at 7:30 pm when mass started. I think. Ahhhh I suck as a Catholic. I’m trying. I think that is as much as God wants from me.

Anyway Happy Easter and I will post some “angry” stuff soon. Well, alright I will give you one now: I totally jacked up my hand trying to figure out how to hit a golf ball. GRRRR!


  1. Yay, welcome back. We’ve missed ya.

  2. Happy Easter!!!!! You were missed! Can’t wait to read more Angry Sober Dude stuff!

  3. I hid Easter baskets too, I think for me not them. My 18 year old, who now has her own apartment, spent the night, got up and dutifully looked for it with her younger sister. I think she loves me. Anyways, don’t be angry on this of all days. Of all the Gospels I’ve ever heard at a Catholic Mass, which is all of them, the most powerful I’ve ever heard was on Easter Sunday and consisted of 3 words. “He Is Risen.” Be joyful today, and every day. And welcome back! You were missed!

  4. Welcome back. You were missed.

  5. Miseed you sharing your journey.
    I admire your discipline during Lent.
    Mine was non existent.
    So you can feel better about being Catholic than I do when it comes to that! 🙂

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