To my core…

… I am an addict.

From as early as I could remember I always went for the rush.

I work with one guy who always went for doing the right things. Things like working hard, studying hard and saving his money.

This was never me. I don’t know why. I always went for the rush and excitement.

Alcohol was my perfect rush and excitement. It went perfectly with whatever I was doing. Until it turned on me.

It is quite the miracle that everyday goes by and getting drunk never crosses my mind. AA works. Prayer works.

….. Oh and the Barbies are well armed at my house.


  1. So many times I’ve wished I was like that guy you worked with, both drunk and in sobriety. I’m starting to accept myself the way I am now, but I wish it was easier to do the right thing or even recognize it sometimes.

    Very cool Barbies btw.

  2. OMG.

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