Ready to move again


Ok, so I have been here on the East Coast for two years now and I’m ready to go.

New Mexico, Albuquerque to be exact would be next. There is some work there in my field. I’ve also been to New Mexico and think it a great place to be. Actually I could move to Alaska or Montana and never leave.

I love the mountains and the outdoors and being all by myself. Some of the most peaceful times in my life have been roaming alone in the Colorado wilderness.

I don’t think the wife and kids are ready to go though. They have all made friends and are settling in to our house and town.

So now I have to clear my history logs and watch my internet surfing so my wife doesn’t catch me surfing for JOBS IN MONTANA.


  1. We will be leaving, too. I can’t post about it because someone from my work is reading my blog. Nice thing about blogging…I can take all my friends with me.

  2. I would rather find “jobs in montana” then “mail order bride” in my husband’s computer.

    Just sayin.

  3. You can’t leave. You will miss all this wonderful weather!

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