Last night


So after dinner last night we all piled on the couch and were watching Clean House.

My daughters who are 5 and 8 love the show too. They hate when they go to commercial break before telling how much money they made during the yard sale. Anyway, one of those commercials promted my wife to comment on how many calories are actually in one of those health drinks.

I said yeah about as much as a vanilla shake from McDonalds.

Im not too sure who said it first but all you heard after that was mmmmmmm, mc donalds shakes.

I am up off the couch before you could say DAD, can we have one too?


Ten minutes later you could have heard a pin drop as we were all trying to suck half frozen milk shakes through a straw. So there we were watching Clean House drinking Mc Donalds vanilla shakes.


Sometimes the best things in life only cost $2.48.

  1. It’s Frostys from Wendy’s over here and it’s enough to make my husband the best Dad EVER.

  2. Ha! Tell your kids I hate that too!!! I always want to know what they made and that commercial break seems sooooo long!

  3. Me and DQ do slurpees at 7-11 in the summer, at least a couple times a week. And ya, we will get up off the couch in our PJs to go get it. Oh, that’s right, disregard this comment, I forgot I’m not speaking to you. You’re on Sarah’s followers but not mine. Hmmmmph!

  4. Awesome Awesome stuff!!! When the Spirit calls… MOVE!


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