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Observing Lent
The custom is to mark the season of Lent by giving up some things and taking on others. Both can serve to mark the season as a holy time of preparation. Some examples of things people give up for Lent include sweets, meat for all or some meals, and alcohol. In most cases, giving up something for Lent can be made more meaningful by using the money or time for another purpose. For example, meal times on fast days could be spent in prayer. Another example is that if you give up meat during Lent, the extra money that would go to meat dishes can be given to a group, such as World Vision, which works to end hunger worldwide. Some things added during Lent are daily Bible reading, fasting on Fridays, times of prayer, taking a course of study related in some way to spirituality. Note that the season of Lent is forty days plus the six Sundays. This is because Sundays are celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection and are always an appropriate day to lessen the restrictions of Lent. So that if you have, for example, given up chocolate for Lent, you could indulge in a weekly candy bar on Sunday.

Lent is also an especially appropriate time for the sacrament of confession. While confession to a priest is not required to receive God’s forgiveness, it can be a meaningful rite of reconciliation to God.

I have decided for the first time in my life that I am going to give something up for lent. I am really not much of a Catholic but I am trying. I have decided I am going to stay off my computer for lent. I am going to take all that time I spend on the computer and spend it with my kids.

I will talk to you all in 40 days.



To my core…

… I am an addict.

From as early as I could remember I always went for the rush.

I work with one guy who always went for doing the right things. Things like working hard, studying hard and saving his money.

This was never me. I don’t know why. I always went for the rush and excitement.

Alcohol was my perfect rush and excitement. It went perfectly with whatever I was doing. Until it turned on me.

It is quite the miracle that everyday goes by and getting drunk never crosses my mind. AA works. Prayer works.

….. Oh and the Barbies are well armed at my house.


Ready to move again


Ok, so I have been here on the East Coast for two years now and I’m ready to go.

New Mexico, Albuquerque to be exact would be next. There is some work there in my field. I’ve also been to New Mexico and think it a great place to be. Actually I could move to Alaska or Montana and never leave.

I love the mountains and the outdoors and being all by myself. Some of the most peaceful times in my life have been roaming alone in the Colorado wilderness.

I don’t think the wife and kids are ready to go though. They have all made friends and are settling in to our house and town.

So now I have to clear my history logs and watch my internet surfing so my wife doesn’t catch me surfing for JOBS IN MONTANA.


The band

My old band is getting back together without me. Of course I moved 1800 miles away but still…

I miss it. I miss being in a heavy metal band.

Right now I don’t have time for one with work and the kids and all. I tried to find some musicians around here with no luck.

Now I see why band like Aerosmith, Yes, CSN are still touring in their sixties. Nothing like being on stage.


Last night


So after dinner last night we all piled on the couch and were watching Clean House.

My daughters who are 5 and 8 love the show too. They hate when they go to commercial break before telling how much money they made during the yard sale. Anyway, one of those commercials promted my wife to comment on how many calories are actually in one of those health drinks.

I said yeah about as much as a vanilla shake from McDonalds.

Im not too sure who said it first but all you heard after that was mmmmmmm, mc donalds shakes.

I am up off the couch before you could say DAD, can we have one too?


Ten minutes later you could have heard a pin drop as we were all trying to suck half frozen milk shakes through a straw. So there we were watching Clean House drinking Mc Donalds vanilla shakes.


Sometimes the best things in life only cost $2.48.