And the Phds were wrong

A large percentage of the people I work with are Phds in some engineering or scientific field. I assume they are always right. I barely got my BA in physics so what do I know. Apparently better than they do. It turns out my feeble protest(on Friday)  over how a task was to be performed was right. However the Dr who insulted me telling me that I should know what I am doing was wrong.

Bang! Put that in your abacus and smoke it, fucker!

The point is that I always worry about looking stupid and being wrong. These guys make mistakes all the time. They don’t worry about how they look. They fix it and move on.

Why is it not ok for me to make mistakes and ask questions? In my performance review this year I got the highest rating my company gives out. One of the attributes they say I exhibit is a willingness to fail. At first I didn’t understand how that could be a positive attribute?

Now I get it.

  1. yeah, fuck them fuckers. Good for you.

    Just staying in touch – Sarah

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