East coast winter


I really do miss all the sunshine we had in Colorado. Being back east during the winter is draining. Day after day of cold and dark and sick is tiring. I am ready for spring. Give me some sun.

Since the CD player in my car died I had stopped listening to it at all. One morning about two years ago when we first moved back east I happened across an AM radio program called Food For the Journey. Sister Ann Shields does her program Monday through Friday at the same time I leave for work. If I am in the car I never miss it. This morning she said that any small step we take towards God he will reward us tenfold (not an exact quote). So the thought is going through my head for the lady on the road in front of me this morning doing 25 in a 45 mph zone, for every inch I back off her bumper I will be ten times closer to God.

Today was a really good day at work despite the lack of sun.

I think maybe we moved back here just so I could hear her program.

  1. Seriously, I laughed my ass off at your interpretation.

    But yes, I totally agree. Every winter, right about now, I think I’m not gonna make it. And this winter is no different. In fact, it’s snowier than ever. YUCK.

  2. I’m grateful I got sober before moving back here. I’d be drunk constantly with the dreariness of the winter environment around here.

    • betterman1
    • January 29th, 2009

    I’m gonna use that bumber wisdom. Crappy drivers are definitely one of my stress triggers. Good stuff.

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