Bowling sober dude

Our league bowls on Thursday nights.

Here are my scores from tonight: 96, 132, 146. Yes, I know I rule.

Things really change when I pray for people who make me really angry.

Pomegrantes are the best fruit on the planet.

Here is the last random sentence.

  1. I was so proud of myself on Tuesday that I bowled all 3 games over 100! The last 2 were over 110 because I was bowling with my new ball, which my teammates called the MAGIC BALL because of that! Awesome. Everything happens when I pray, but I’ve been praying for my sister for 3 years and I’m still angry. So I think maybe I might be the problem… any advice?

    • angrysoberdude
    • January 17th, 2009

    Ok Ann here is an example, real life and no mystical hollywood magical solution. I would dread going to work everyday because I could not stand to be around this particular asshole for one more minute. I started to pray for him and he still pisses me off but I no longer dread going to work and I can tolerate being around him. On occasion he has even been pleasant. Today he did not throw me under the bus when shit went down.

    There is the miracle, its subtle.

    The other miracle is me bowling a 146. I attribute it to the “lucky” french fries. Its funny that people are amazed that I don’t drink when I bowl. They attribute it to me going to church every once and a while. I let them think that because I SERIOUSLY do not want them to know Im in AA. Its also funny the people who comment the most on it are the ones I see putting away a pitcher or two.

  2. Yeah! Pomegranates! Booyeah!

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