Man! I love this whole being at home for a few days thing.

Doing a little unpacking (we moved two years ago) and came across my old Yes-Big Generator tape. Yes, cassette tape, for those of us who used to buy those things. What a killer album that was. One of the greatest things to ever happen to Yes was to bring Trevor Rabin in to play guitar.

Also ran across a few other tapes:

Ratt, White Snake, Zebra, Spread Eagle, Skid Row, Krokus

Ah eighties metal. Gotta love it.

  1. Skid Row. Now that’s a flashback for me.

    • Ann
    • December 24th, 2008

    ‘you’re better off dead than makin’ a mess of m-m-m-m-m-me’. ah yes. to be young and hot.

  2. You guys are old.

    • angrysoberdude
    • December 29th, 2008

    Yoda is old. I am just not in my thirties anymore.

    How the &$%# did this happen?

  3. 90125—-Owner of a lonely heart! Rock on dude!!!

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