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Tonight is the night

So twenty years ago today was my last drink.

I had been going to AA for about three months and had two or three relapses but December 31st, 1988 was the last time I drank alcohol.

My sobriety started on New Years Eve at the age of twenty years old.

So I am proof that you can be a total fuck up and still get and stay sober. My life  has had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today my life is amazing (despite how much I may complain).


A book I paid for

Its a good book. You can read it online for free but I hate reading books online.

What amazes me most is this guy first thought of this when he was sixteen. When I was sixteen I was up to my neck in booze, weed, girls and metal. Just three years later I called AA because I couldn’t quit drinking.


Man! I love this whole being at home for a few days thing.

Doing a little unpacking (we moved two years ago) and came across my old Yes-Big Generator tape. Yes, cassette tape, for those of us who used to buy those things. What a killer album that was. One of the greatest things to ever happen to Yes was to bring Trevor Rabin in to play guitar.

Also ran across a few other tapes:

Ratt, White Snake, Zebra, Spread Eagle, Skid Row, Krokus

Ah eighties metal. Gotta love it.

Merry Christmas

I did a little over 450 hours of overtime this year. Last year was about the same.

Things are starting to slow down and I had the whole weekend off. I actually have the next eight weekends off. It was nice to have time to be with my wife and kids.

I miss them.

GET UP by Bucky Sinister

GetUp – A 12Step guide to recovery for misfits, freaks and weirdos

I finished reading this book a few days ago. I emailed the author and he was kind enough to respond.

Here is my take on it…..

In way too many meetings I’ve seen people who run others off for whatever reason. I am a believer in the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.  Give people reasons to stay.

This book is a welcoming outreached hand to other outcasts who desperately need this program too. He is the kind of person AA needs around. Not like my last asshole sponsor.

I digress.

Don’t say anything at all

I am two people. I am the sober person who goes to work and loves his family and God.

Then there is this person inside of me who scares the hell out of me. I want him to go away.

Most amazing moment

Name one of the most amazing moments in your life.


El Morro

So I’m 35 years old and out on a very short tour with my thrash metal band. We head down to New Mexico and play a run down theater called El Morro. We are the last band to play at this theater before they shut it down. We are opening for a touring band with a fairly good following. About five hundred Native American kids show up from the reservation and are ready for some full-on metal.

We hit the stage at full volume and the kids go nuts! I can be me with no limits. I am a madman on stage. The guys in my band only know me as the quiet bass player who doesn’t drink. They are all like “who the hell is this maniac?”. I loved every last minute of it. Like a fish in water.

I walk off the stage in dripping sweat only to be accosted to sign autographs on our newly printed band shirts and CDs. We give the headlining act a run for their money. They are a great bunch of guys too.

Supreme sober fun (thanks Ann for the reminder)

Feel free to add yours to the comments.