We adopted a dog a long time ago. He was about two years old and he seemed great at the pet store. The very first time we left him alone in the house he trashed the house trying to get out and did about $400 worth of damage. We tried to make him more comfortable and give him lots of care and attention but he was not responding.

Damaged goods.

You couldn’t make fast motions around him either. He would cower down if you moved too quickly toward him. It seemed like someone had beaten him. After he trashed the kennel for the third or fourth time we took him back to the pet store.

What bothers me is I see so much of that in myself. I have had some great people in my life. My first two sponsors were the best. It just seems like no matter which “family” adopts me I am just damaged goods. I try my best each day not to bite the hand of the good people in my life.

I guess like shorty I don’t want to be beaten anymore either.

  1. For me, this is one of the most difficult aspects of recovery. I tend to project my thoughts regarding myself and then attribute those thoughts to others. I’m currently trying to come to terms with a broken relationship that I cannot fix. It’s so hard to let go of the hope that I could build a relationship with a loved one. What I have to remember is that her feelings and inability and unwillingness to try to rebuild have nothing to do with me. It’s her baggage, not mine. It still hurts though.

    Try to remember that we’re beautifully broken. Without the brokenness I would never have been able to see that it’s grace I’m standing on. :0)

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