My wife is the poet, I just write shit down.

Its hard to swallow mashed potatoes after the screaming starts

and its easy to forget you have homework when mom is laying at the bottom of stairs crying

…oh, and to answer your question I don’t know who the hell I think I am, I’m only ten

answer you?! hmmm lets see what answer will not get me killed, is mom ok? why did you shove her down the stairs?

i wish Robin had just checked the NO box instead of laughing at me in front of all her friends, damn fourth grade girls!

  1. Dude. Someone shoved your wife down the stairs? I hope she’s ok.

    • angrysoberdude
    • October 25th, 2008

    LOL. Ooops I forgot people read this. Sorry.
    No not my wife, this is just a small glimpse of growing up in my house at the age of ten.
    Thanks to AA there has never been any violence in my house or in my life.

  2. ya. ugh. now i see my daugher who is ten and i think… she’s so young … it wasn’t my fault… and it wasn’t my older kids’ fault either. it makes me mad, and makes me feel like an asshole at the same time. i hate this disease, or is it recovery that i hate, when i have to face myself, what i did? did i prefer the delusion? self-forgiveness is the most difficult thing ever. i hope i can get it some day.

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