I’ve read that God gives us all unique gifts. Gifts that we can use to serve others.

I seem to be able to make people laugh.

What is your gift?

Are you a good listener? They are very hard to come by. Do you not tailgate the old folks who have a hard time driving themselves to the doctors office? Did you not chew out the phone solicitor who needs her check to feed her two kids?

Kindness. Not a unique gift, just a precious one.

YOU may be the reason someone goes to one more meeting.

Yes, you.

  1. I love this post because even though no one got me to my first meeting the fact that I went and still go and still take sobriety seriously as snowballed and two people in my life both alcoholics have decided to quit because of what I did. So vicariously the “message” found it’s way to them purely by my new found way of life. This thing is a bigger gift than anyone could ever imagine to those in need and takes so little to pass it on.

    I dig the site, I play guitar myself, need to spend more time playing it actually. I’m still a newbie trying to find my groove again.

    • angrysoberdude
    • September 25th, 2008

    Sobriety does snowball! All for the better. Keep playin’ that git-tar.

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