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Sobriety is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God

Heard at many meetings


So much of my life in sobriety has been about getting. Getting a new car, house, job, etc.

It is so easy for me to just focus on me and no one else. It is a lonely place to be.

Life is eternal.

I don’t want to stand before God and present Him with a sober life full of new cars, houses and toys for me.


Courage to change the things I can

Life has handed us numerous opportunities on a silver platter covered in the finest gift wrapping paper with a nice bow tie and a bright red cherry on top of it to boot. The problem is that these opportunities reside inside an ugly, torn up cardboard box labeled as “Problems”.


The only way out is through.

I heard that at a meeting a very long time ago and it stuck. It means the only way I can get out of a situation is by living through it. As an alcoholic I always try to go around or turn back from problems.

My life has changed because I have “gone through” several scary and difficult problems in my life without running away. It was always hard and prompted me to pray everyday, several times a day.

Trust me, prayer works.

Don’t think so? Try it.

Free Stuff!

I’ve spent a lot of money trying to make myself happy. It only works for a little while.

Lets see, I’ve purchased two new trucks, ten guns, nine guitars, five guitar amplifiers, electronic drum kit, three electronic drum machines, 11 acres of mountain property with pop up camper, two video games, three swing sets, two swimming pools, five houses and the list goes on.

I am almost done paying for all of it. Its been fortunate for me that God has given me the means to earn enough.


Here are the free things that make me feel close to God:

– watching my children sleep

– making my wife laugh ’till her scalp hurts

– the way it feels just before it starts to snow

– a crisp fall morning on the east coast

Mean People

I watched this young man today give the finger to someone who was stuck in the intersection. He could have gone around the stuck person. Instead he stopped for at least 20 seconds or so and just gave them the finger.

That was just mean.

I said a prayer for him. I learned that in AA.

That was me at his age.

I don’t want to be that person anymore.


I’ve read that God gives us all unique gifts. Gifts that we can use to serve others.

I seem to be able to make people laugh.

What is your gift?

Are you a good listener? They are very hard to come by. Do you not tailgate the old folks who have a hard time driving themselves to the doctors office? Did you not chew out the phone solicitor who needs her check to feed her two kids?

Kindness. Not a unique gift, just a precious one.

YOU may be the reason someone goes to one more meeting.

Yes, you.

Turning 40

Next Friday I will turn 40.

Its hard to believe its been 20 years since I walked into my first AA meeting as a young man.

Everything I have learned in AA has pushed me to seek a closer relationship with God. AA is true to its word. I live and work the twelve steps and have not picked up a drink or had the desire to do so. Often I wonder about all the people who don’t stay sober. Why don’t they stay?

Sober life can be really hard at times. I’ve even had hard years. Never give up.

Recently I had a sponsee fire me. He had six years and went back out. He’s been back about 90 days. This time around he is trying to do everything perfectly. I, however do not take that approach. Hence fired.

Its simple……

Ask God in the morning to keep you sober

Thank Him before going to bed for keeping you sober

It was my desperate plea twenty years ago to God that changed my life. God please help me I can’t stop drinking. My life was changed forever.

God loves me so much He saved my life.

Thank you.