Nature vs Nurture

So my whole life I think I am fucking stupid and ugly because that is what I was told growing up. It turns out that is not the truth.

The only one thing I ever done right consistently is not give up.

By not giving up I’ve become very successful at work. Apparently I am handsome to boot. Go figure.

What is my point? It doesnt matter because no one reads my blog anyway. The point is WHO WOULD I BE IF I HAD BEEN RAISED BY DIFFERENT PARENTS? This is not whining about poor me, my life is really good. BUT what I am struggling with is: am I really an engineer or am I musician gone astray?

I can do engineering and do enjoy it but in my heart I am a musician who loves playing live and being on the road.

Such small glimpses I catch of my Creator that just resonate my soul. I think if I saw completely I would be torn into pieces.

There is nothing in this world that could ever justify treating another human being like shit. Nothing.

I fail everyday.

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